Why Adverstise On Radio | 102.3 The Coyote http://www.1023thecoyote.com/pages/index.cfm?id=487 Why Adverstise On Radio 2018-04-24T01:12:13Z Why Adverstise On Radio  Why Advertise On The Radio? Your market listens to the radio. The people who buy your product or use your service listen to the radio. In fact, close to 90% of the population listens to the radio. Radio is targeted. Each radio station is operated with specific market segments in mind, so despite there being many radio stations nationwide there are particular stations that target your specific market. In the car, at the office, in the garden you can reach your customer on the radio throughout the day or night. This increases the frequency that your message can be delivered. Radio reaches your customer with frequency. Advertising works by repetition. You may need to be exposed to a commercial three or four times before you take action. To reach this “viable frequency” radio advertising is often more cost effective than other media. Radio offers additional promotional opportunities. Announcers in your store, sampling your product on air, running a competition. Hard to do with print or on TV, but radio can offer this sort of “added value”, personalizing your product to your customer. Sound is memorable.  Sound is stored in the memory more effectively than the written word. Sound, the spoken word offers emotion and encourages the listeners imagination to produce their own desirable image of a product. Radio is the theatre of the mind. Call today to start your marketing plan with WRHL/WYOT: 815-562-7001!   For advertising information on The Coyote & Good Time Oldies 1060 Contact:   Kris Wexell: Sales/National Sales/Political Advertising & Digital Sales - 815-562-7001 x 11 Email: Kris@1023thecoyote.com   Becky Leininger: Assistant General Manager/Account Executive - 815-562-7001 x10    Rick Green: Sales- 815-562-7001 x16 Click here to view the coyote media kit 102.3 The Coyote 2018-04-24T18:12:13Z http://www.1023thecoyote.com/pages/index.cfm?id=487